Starting with twin bottleneck solo, having the taste of 70's pop-rock music.
Motif of this song has popped up all in sudden years ago. This melody was taken out from our old box.
Although lyrics and the sound were not clearly expressed at that time,
all came into one eventually and this made the title tune of this album.
This remains the feeling we had in past with our current sensibility.
As title said, its lyrics are to describe a sense of hopelessness after losing love.
But at the same time, I wanna be where my loved one returns in the end.
I am standing tall here, spreading out my both arms widely...


It took us so long after the first demo is done until the final touch.
We love this song as it has changed its color so many times. This required us to search for better arrangement.
Here's the answer to our question, asking why weユve come to think of making our original album at this timing.
To release our song is just like a lion pushes his child over a cliff.
We kept and cared our songs so much but decided to make them out in public.
That's what makes us so challenging. We want to see our songs out...


We challenged to finish this up to simple, melodious heavy rock.
Its vocal expresses an air of resignation and passion lucidly.
And that succeeds in displaying pureness and atrociousness of girls have.
Mixing English words in Japanese lyrics was to express of what we really wanted to tell about.
This sings out painful state of mind, asking ultimate selection to one's loved one.


This is an original vocal version out of soundtrack, aired in the serial TV drama titled
"R-17" which was well received by viewers. This minimal sound is one of the main characteristics of MOKA sound.
Chorus is just like a silk tapestry which is woven complicatedly.
Song travels and whispers there, "I just wanted to have you, others meant nothing.
"This comes to fade out into darkness...


We wanted to make a song consist of simple refrain and here it is.
WANDERER is a main theme of this song, wondering around in the situation where things we share and unshare with.
You hear "Wow, wow.." repeatedly. This is whine when one's heart aches.
You cannot cry in public but you can express with music.
Cool & groovy rap was performed by our special guest, Mr. Toyo of new breed.

6. B is for Blue  

This was made very quickly few years ago.
It only took us about 10 minutes for writing lyrics, capturing the moment of big emotional wave came along.
With this, its sound was born so fast just like as first inspiration.
We always love this song very much as this title, concept and lyrics are all clear from the demo period.
What a long time we spent to release this song! Being as song-writers, we are so pleased to be out for everyone.


This song was aired as ending theme of TV drama titled "Kyokugen Suiri Colosseum" and we had many inquiries.
This is the original full vocal original version. This song is a sweet elegy and there's a thin line to the sense of loss.
Mr. Masaki Tsuchihashi performed back ground chorus and arrangement here, sharing its sound image.


This song has no intro, starting with twin vocal.
We wanted to perform the song that has a taste of Swedish pop guitar sound.
Sure the feeling of young girls and the sense of happiness belong to every woman and they are are ageless.
Color of eternal PINK is always dancing to a song.


This is very simple ballad so we made arrangement simple as well.
Everyone has imposing scenery. MOKA spent school days of innocence and ignorance back in years ago.
I am bashful and feel nostalgy as lyrics became so personal.
But now I realized that the same old feeling still remains in the sense of living with love and revolution.
To me, this song is more like the one I live with now or in the past. This is not a song of good old memories...


Melody motif was created as soundtrack for TV animation titled "Comet-san".
We took long to polish an idea and made brand-new song with straight-forward lyrics.
Theme of this song is LOVE without hesitation. It is always tough to live.
That's why you need to challenge your own life, seeking light and future.


Last song of this album is MOKAユs Christmas Song for you.
For loved one whom you do not see any more, you pray his/her happiness from the long distance.
You pray just because you are happy where you are nowノWe give this song to stars at the holly night.
Christmas is the day we ensure a common understanding of meaning of LOVE which we tend to pass by in our daily lives.