NHK Sogo TV・a serial TV drama
“AI TO YUJO NO Boogie-Woogie”
〜Boogie-Woogie of Love and Friendship〜

This is the original sound track album of "Boogie-Woogie of Love and Friendship",
total 24 episodes of serial drama to be aired at NHK sougou TV.
It runs from March 28, 2005 to May 6, 23:00〜23:15 every Monday through Thursday.

The story is that five homemakers live in the company residence make a cappella group
to break out of the discontented same old routine by themselves with the help of the
power of music.
It gives you to feel like having the wings to your heart and that leads you to fly high
as you see those heroines realized to sing a song is to make people happy and are trying
very hard in a positive way.

We have recorded "original theme song" and a cappella of "Tokyo Boogie-Woogie"
specially for this album for those who love this drama to enjoy a cappella on their own.

This unique and powerful album with a full of joy of singing will be enjoyed by both
senior people who might feel nostalgia this boogie music and for those who are interested
in the new music. This is certainly loved by wide range of music lovers.

 Japanese CINEMA

Japanese pure-love cinema "KOIBUMI BIYORI" was screened in 2004 ̄05.
The DVD will be put on market in MAY.
This totally pure-hearted story is depicted in the motif of four different love letters created
by four brilliant directors based on the original work of George Asakura,
a popular comic writer.
This hot film featuring young and ambitious actors like Takashi Tsukamoto and Tetsuji Tamayama.
.... I can hardly extend this feeling via cell phone or mobile or e-mail... Its original sound track adds
the color to the screen which is created by MOKA for all the people in "LOVE".

NHK Sogo TV・a serial TV drama

This original soundtrack album for a serial TV drama “ HIKESHIYA KOMACHI ".
It ran populously on summer in 2004 at NHK Sogo TV,and now the DVD is on sale.

Story was originally written by Mieko Osaka, a popular cartoonist.
It was carried in “Big Comic Original” as popular series. A woman lives
in nowadays, thinking her life is so easy. But she started to open her eyes
to realities of firefighter which was chosen for its highly favorable
condition…contending story in youth.
Sound track was produced by MOKA. You’ll listen to an interesting song on
the important scene that heroine’s up and run, beautiful ballad that
creates the charm by string section, freely melody line played by blues harp
… it covers a broad range of music and this is honed to perfectly unique track.
It will promise you happily feeling with full of energy and willingness for tomorrow.